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Obama: Ignore Bloggers, Radio Hosts


Western Journalism

by Breaking News

October 17, 2013



Apparently unsatisfied with the overwhelming capitulation of congressional  Republicans, Barack Obama once again took aim at conservatives during a speech marking the end of the government  shutdown.

He began by issuing the obligatory pronouncement that there “are no winners  here,” despite the fact his party received virtually all of its demands.

The shutdown has “inflicted completely unnecessary damage on our economy,” he  noted, pivoting toward once again blaming the entire fiasco on his political  opponents.

“Some of the same folks who pushed for the shutdown and threatened default  claim their actions were needed to get America back on the right track,” he  continued, “to make sure we’re strong.”

Instead, he concluded, the stalemate has “encouraged our enemies, it’s  emboldened our competitors, and it’s depressed our friends.”

He then began identifying those he holds responsible for the discord in  Washington, D.C., saying “all of us need to stop focusing on the lobbyists, and  the bloggers, and the talking heads on radio and the professional activists who  profit from conflict,” saying such voices don’t represent “what the majority of  Americans sent us here to do.”

Time and again, Obama finds it easy and safe to call out strong conservative  figures in the media while intentionally ignoring the blatant partisanship  constantly broadcast over most mainstream airwaves.

Without bloggers and talk radio, the conservative voice would be largely  silenced in America — which is precisely the left’s mission.

Since efforts to reinstate the Fairness Doctrine (or some variation thereof)  have been thwarted at every level, Obama and his ilk are intent to disparage and  vilify high-profile conservatives until they are no longer trusted sources of  information.

Unfortunately for the left, those outside of their skewed sphere of influence  are more likely to believe the alternative media and conservative talk radio  than the paid political hacks posing as nightly news anchors and newspaper  reporters.



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